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How to Optimize Amazon Product Rank

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Amazon has become the most expensive company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Alphabet in terms of capitalization.

Over the 24 years of operation, Amazon has become not only one of the most popular Internet sites, but also a full-fledged search engine in the field of online commerce. More and more users are choosing Amazon to search products rather than Google.

We know quite a lot about SEO at Google, but what do we know about Amazon optimization? what if you decide to start selling products on Amazon and don’t know how to optimize the product rank?

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

So, you have decided your best product to sell on Amazon. Where to begin? Perhaps it would be nice to figure out what is under the hood of the search.

Explore Keywords

Amazon’s core research is keyword research. The fact is that the audience of the Amazon is primarily focused on the purchase, and not on the study of goods. By entering the keyword into the search and studying the information provided, the user makes a purchase. Therefore, for the seller it is extremely important to be as high as possible in the search results for keywords.

If you do not want to use third-party tools (for example, Google Keyword Planner ), then you can select keywords using the auto-complete function of the search bar on Amazon:

Amazon Product Listing Optimization
Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing the Title

Selected keywords must be added to the product name. It is important not to overload your product with keywords.It is better to make the title concise – from 50 to 100 characters. The title must include:

  • product’s name,
  • brand name
  • the main function of the product,
  • specifications (colour, size, etc.).

The title should have at least 1-2 search queries. Often they intersect with the characteristics of the product, so that meeting the required number of characters is not difficult.

Optimize Search Queries

In August 2018, Amazon introduced a new rule – not more than 250 characters (with spaces) can now be entered in the Search Terms field. In this field you need to specify as relevant as possible requests for which users will search the product.

search terms

search terms

Add product photo

The basic requirements for Amazon photos are:

  • The main photo should be on a white background.
  • Image size must be at least 1000 x 1000 px – so that users can view the details.
  • You cannot place watermarks on the photo.
  • Among the photographs, there should be a snapshot of the product in the package.
  • The product itself should occupy at least 85% of the photo.
  • Photos must be of high quality, without any noticeable defects.

Work on Comments

It is important that the content is regularly updated on the product’s page. A great option here would be user comments .

Amazon uses a special algorithm to calculate the most popular requests in the texts of reviews and generates tags. Then, separate landing pages are generated for each tag, generating traffic for low-frequency queries.

search terms
search terms

You need to motivate your users to write reviews. This can be done, for example, by inviting them to receive the goods for free on trial. In this case, the chance of getting a negative comment is rather low – most often the user who tested the product for free will simply say that it did not suit him.

Keep in mind: Amazon carefully monitors feedback and eradicates unfaircompetition. Therefore, all comments should be left by your real buyers.


Over the years, an entire industry has grown around SEO at Google. And the few optimizers that now work with Amazon are at the very beginning of the journey.

Unlike Google with its Google Analytics, Amazon does not provide sellers with a lot of traffic and user data. This significantly complicates the comprehensive analysis. However, you should not despair – the site is steadily growing and developing. This means that in the future, the set of tools offered to sellers will only expand, and their knowledge of working with Amazon will increase.

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11 Amazing products that you can sell online

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1. Women’s Apparel – Is the top most of the list. The variety and attractive deals makes it the highest selling product online.
2. Books – Books and ebooks are the all time rage. You can gear up your sales volume by stacking up your shelf with rare and new book collections
3. Computer Hardware – The world cannot survive without computers anymore. So, as long as, computers are here, your business will never fear.
4. Computer Software – There is a software for everything. Collect some coolest softwares and sell it in the developing markets of the world.
5. Apparel – This is the easiest thing to sell online. All you need is good quality material and good photographs!
6. Toys / Video Games – Kids’ favorite and a billion dollar kids’ market is an easy target! This can never go out of business
7. Videos DVD’s – Even though the new movies are in for downloads off late. DVDs are still on huge demand.
8. Health and Beauty – These products sell like a pie with good customer reviews
9. Consumer Electronics – These are hot cakes during festive seasons. Gear up for the christmas!
10. Music – Music downloads are the in thing these days. You can make quick buck by selling the latest tracks online
11. Jewelry – Jewelry designs can never go out date. This is the best business any day under the sun.

There are other businesses involves very less initial investment.

  • Office Supplies 
  •  Linens / Home Decor
  •  Flowers
  •  Sporting Goods
  •  Footwear
  •  Small Appliances
  •  Tools and Garden
  •  Gifts
Online Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry Services

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Why is eCommerce product data entry services important for your business?

Product data entry is vital for any eCommerce business. Listing of products needs to be done in a short span of time. The product inventory also needs to be kept a watch.


It plays a huge role in eCommerce business. Product data entry involves a good research on writing the product description, image editing, search engine optimization, merchant feeds and much more. All the factors play a vital role in selling a product online.What to look for in eCommerce servicing companies?

Experience in data handling
A company’s experience in data handling is very important. The company’s with experience will have a very good knowledge of the work flow. They will be able to deliver with accuracy.

Manpower and Support
The company’s manpower has to quickly cater to your needs. They should be capable of handling vast data. They have to be prompt to answer your queries and help you as and when it is required.

Online Data Entry Services & eCommerce Solutions
The company should provide online data entry services across various eCommerce websites. They must have a thourogh understanding of how the eCommerce companies work.

SEO friendliness
The product description, reviews and anything about the product and the company should be SEO friendly. This helps in better listing of the product.

The reviews of the company is crucial. The company has to have satisfied customer’s feedback.

Best Online data entry services company

Amazon Product Listing Services

Why eCommerce data entry should be outsourced?

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Save time, reduce your administrative burdens, resources and increase top line growth of your company, followed with cost effectiveness is what makes Data Entry/ Data Processing a core necessity. One more objective that you achieve is the saving on large scale investments in setting up required infrastructure for the data entry process, and save on the expenses incurred to hire data entry manpower and their salaries.

What do you get when you outsource?

One stop shop benefit: Data entry has several dependent tasks as well. You may go ahead and hire an in house data entry operator, but be prepared to address the challenges of document management, as it is a subsidiary process. I.e. when data entry for invoices or bills is done in your software, these documents need to be scanned to prepare a digital version of it, which is a dire necessity. In this case you might have to hire a scanning professional and a scanner as well. However; outsourced data entry tasks gives you both, the entry of documents as well as the scanned images of your documents. We work as a one stop shop for all our clients. Our data processing services include data entry, data conversion, forms and check processing, data formatting and cleansing and much more. You basically say what you want us to do with your data and we take care of the rest.
Outsourcing service providers are a ready experienced team. In this arrangement you reach out to the people most suited for data entry projects you want to outsource. You have the advantage to hire highly qualified specialists quickly. We have successfully completed 6500+ projects, through a team of 450+ data entry professionals, for our 3000 plus clients.
The lower cost benefit: Data entry cost in across UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East is much higher than that in India, particularly due to the low cost of living here. Our innovative technologies combined with a service-based approach is to assist you drive growth and build a competitive advantage.
One may come across companies that function completely independently. However, businesses are more about partnership with manpower suppliers and outsourcing contractors. Partnering with outside contractors, or outsourcing, may allow the companies to do business more effectively and efficiently. Companies usually tend to outsource in two different ways, either a single component of their daily operations, or reinvent outsourcing as a strategic part of their business.
A, US based utility portfolio management solution provider, relies on outsourcing data entry services to fulfill their operational model. Their in house teams scanned the invoices of energy bills of electricity, gas and water; and their outsourced data entry service provider operate a complex online data entry process of 1000 plus energy bills through a remote desktop connection, daily on their behalf. Similar, is a bank in Italy that outsourced the process of keying accurate and consistent data from handwritten checks, and the payment processing company in USA which outsourced the task to transfer data from all the checks to software while verifying the SLF rejected by the OCR, Payee and the amounts in cash and studs. But, outsourcing the printing of advertising fliers for these companies would be like outsourcing a portion of their daily operations.
You can perform a cost/time calculation to decide whether or not to outsource a task. You may have tasks that you can conveniently do in-house with the right amount of time and money. i.e., you hire data entry professionals to increase the efficiency of invoice processing process. But in the meantime, you also receive a huge logistics project requiring you to manage other document management tasks. In the short term, you can recruit an in-house data entry professional, with the long term goal to outsource this work to a contractor.
One-time events also work hand-in-hand with outsourcing. If you have current team members with data entry experience, you might decide to manage the logistic project documentation in-house. Otherwise, it may be more cost-effective to take this project to a data entry service provider who has expertise, and can deliver the project with a professional touch in a timely manner.
Upon appropriate utilization, data entry outsourcing services empower you to run your business operations efficiently at low cost. So now you can utilize your resources, maximize your time, and move forward with your core business activities that affect the bottom line.
eCommerce data entry services play a major role in reducing the burden of the eCommerce sellers in a great way.