Amazon PPC Ads or Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has developed into a very powerful internet marketing channel on Amazon. Running amazon amazon ppc ads enables sellers and vendors to ‘buy’ visibility for their products at the top of Amazon’s search results page.

If created and managed properly, a Amazon PPC ads can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your best seller rank, organic rankings as well.

Sponsored Product Campaign Optmization Strategies

1:   I will setup your amazon ppc ads campaign by adding targeted high ranking keywords.

2: I will add negative keywords in your campaign.

3: I will monitor search term report on every weekly basis.

4: I will update backend search terms from competitors analysis

5. I will set max CPC bids on manual ads campaign to better control with ACOS budget.

Amazon Digital Marketing Services

Targeted Keywords

We build a best keyword research on your amazon product listings and target the most relevant ones to increase your conversion rates and reduce ACOS.

Automatic, Broad, Phase & Exact matches

Our marketing team will setup Automatic & Manual (Broad, Phrase & Exact matches) campaigns with different ad groups so that they are easy to manage and analyze.

Search Term Report Analysis

We analyze your search term reports every week and pick up the high search volume low competition longtail keywords to include in your campaigns.

Negative Keywords

More clicks that are only spent more money have to go. We make sure remove any keyword that is not making us sales conversions.

Backend Search Terms

Although not a part of the amazon ppc advertising, we make sure that the backend search terms are properly update so that we get first page rank by amazon properly

Optimizing the Bids

Start. Optimize. Optimize and Optimize. Our team update the CPC bids and campaigns settings so that your PPC campaign set you for success.