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Get Rewarded with Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

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Despite being a successful seller on Amazon, you may have some embarrassing experiences of facing issues or critical situations where you will find the content of your product changed by other sellers, more specifically a third party seller. But you should not have much worries on this ground as Amazon have profoundly thought about such issues. As a result, the Amazon’s Brand Registry offers a number of enhanced tools such as the Project Zero program and new Transparency by Amazon service etc. These tools help all the leading Amazon sellers stay away from those problems every now & then.

Amazon Brand Registry – Know Hook & Nook Particulars

In a nutshell, the Amazon Brand Registry is a lucrative advantage for all the reputed brand owners staying on Amazon. This Amazon program actually enables the verified sellers & brand owners to directly access to advanced reporting tools so that they can completely control their brands across this giant shopping platform. The latest Brand Registry program was launched in the month of May 2017. It was aimed at assisting brand owners to safeguard their registered trademarks as well as provide reliable experience to customers by giving access to image search, proprietary text, reporting tools and analytical automations.

Currently, the Amazon Seller Brand Registry owns a set of latest features and powerful programs to provide the authentic brand owners, so that they can create exclusive brand image on Amazon and extend their business apart from protecting their trademarks.

Amazon Brand Registry – Eligibility Criteria

How would you find whether you are eligible to apply for Amazon’s Brand Registry or not? For this essential application, your existing brand should carry a registered and active trademark in the countries where you’re looking to enroll your brand name. Moreover, the brand trademark should be either in the form of an image-based mark or a text-based mark with letters, words or numbers.Once your brand meets this eligibility criteria, you can easily step into the process of signing into Amazon Seller Brand Registry and enrolling your current brands thereafter.

Amazing Report Tools & Search Tools

Amazon, the giant selling platform has streamlined the process by which one can find cases of prospective infringement with general features that are specially designed for brands. Some of these exciting tools include Image search, Global search, Bulk ASIN search etc. These tools are truly effective for finding content in different stores on Amazon, product URLs, product listings and so on.

brand registry benefits
brand registry benefits

Authentic Brand Identity

It is the Amazon’s Brand Registry that provides you with complete control over the product pages displaying the name of your brand, thus paving the way for your customers to view the accurate information regarding your brand.This helps in building a powerful representation of your brand across Amazon.

Additional Hands-On Brand Protections

The Amazon Brand Registry takes resort to information provided by you about your brand to execute additional analytical protections that can promptly identify and remove bad listings from Amazon store. This is an exclusive feature of Brand Registry to offer you additional convenience as well.