Seller Central Management


Are you looking for an amazon account setup or amazon store design? Do you want to attract more customers and more sales? PTB Solutions is here to help you, we will give you proper guidance and the essential information to register your seller account. Whether you are a small or big brand our team has the required expertise for amazon account set up and grow your store.

  • Setting up your amazon account
  • Brand registry
  • Amazon product listing and categorization
  • Amazon listing optimization for search engine
  • Amazon inventory and order management
  • Winning buy box button
  • Amazon FBA virtual assistance
  • Increase customer feedback and get more positive reviews
  • Amazon account health report


Amazon Store Setup

We will set up your amazon account and store with 100% accuracy. This is first and very important part of your amazon eCommerce business. One mistake and you can lose your amazon product ranking and visibility on the search engine so you require professional amazon account management services and you can turn to us for this. With your amazon store setup, we will take care of your brand registry too. We go an extra mile to provide high-quality services, customer satisfaction and protect your brand from fake and unauthorized sellers.

Amazon SEO Services

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce marketplace with tremendous products listing. It is not enough to just list your products on amazon and expect people will find them. You need expert amazon listing optimization services to improve your Amazon products ranking. PTB solutions will help you with your Amazon SEO optimization, amazon listing keywords and product descriptions writing. Our team has the expertise to improve your search engine ranking, drive more traffic to your store and increase your visibility and sales.

Amazon Product Listing And categorization

A fully optimized and correct listing plays an important role in your amazon store growth. We have requisite experience and expertise for this, we will optimize your amazon product page, will do SEO product description writing with A+ content and effective catalog processing. We take a strategic approach for your amazon product listing. We research and ensure the correct category for your product. If we need approval for some categories from amazon, we will process it on your behalf post your permission and do decorous categorization.

Inventory And Order Management

Your store should be updated regularly and your store should never be out of stock. We will manage your inventory and do order management so that your store is well represented and well order availability. While you are busy working on your core business goal, we will take care of it all and keep updating you related everything related to your inventory, which products are out of stock, which is low and which has high demands to match your supply. We will provide the best virtual assistance between you and your customers.

Goals of our Amazon Account Management Services

  • Increase sales
  • Compelling Amazon product listing
  • Improve Amazon listing SEO
  • Best Amazon store setup service

We will take care of everything from your amazon store management to SEO optimization, you can trust us for high quality, budget-friendly services. We will play a major role in your eCommerce business growth.