ebay Listing Services

PTB Solutions helps in uploading thousands of products in ebay in a short span of time. We have experts in ebay product listing, ebay product upload and inventory management. This saves our customers valuable time and money.


Ebay Product Listing

We help our customers to list their products in ebay in a way that influences the end user to buy it. We have expert presentation skills, manpower to support our customers. We do bulk product editing, product description update, image update, price, payment details and keyword update. We meet any time frame so as to improve the sales of a product.

Our key services in Ebay listings

Product category research: We categorize the products correctly which helps the product get listed accurately.

Bulk Product management: If you have lot of products to manage, we help you with our super fast bulk upload. We work non stop to get your products listed within a given time frame.

Image editing: We edit image appropriate to the product. We do a thorough quality check before uploading the image and the product.

Inventory management – We use tools to have a better control over out-of-stock items. We also automate the product listing.

Product description writing: We write product description that help the customer to identify the usefulness of the product and the value it has for him. We do a thorough research on the product before writing its’ description.

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