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Product Description Writing

Our content writers are create a persuasive and engaging product description. They not only describe the product and it’s features they also present it in a way that influences the buying behaviour of the shoppers.

How do we go about it?

Understanding Target audience – we first study the shoppers for their demography, their interests, personality etc. We visualize the end-user in order to write an attractive description.

Features & benefits – We tell them the values that the product is going to create for the buyer.

Tone – the tone in which we write would be captivating that keeps a shopper engaged and interested in the product.

Quality check – We check all our content for plagiarism before it comes to you. We also have quality proof reading for any errors.

SEO friendly – we write description that are SEO friendly which helps your products get listed easily.


Amazon Content Writing & Copywriting Services

We are experts in creating original content for your products. We carry out an in depth analysis of your product and it’s characteristics. We write content for a product answering how useful it is for the end user and why he should go for the product.

Our team has excellent language skills to carefully portray your product. We carefully choose our words to positively describe your product which has potential to influence the target audiences’ buying behaviour. We highlight the products’ SELLING POINT efficiently.


Amazon Product Review Writing

A review is the most important aspect about a brand that influences buyers’ decision. It is the foremost aspect that most of the shoppers consider to buy a product. PTB Solutions are specialized in Amazon review writing.

We have experts to write unbiased reviews of their product which helps the manufacturers to create positive brand identity and boost the brand image. We take utmost care to follow review creation guidelines of Amazon. We carry out an extensive keyword research before writing a review which does not mislead the buyers.

Amazon Action Plan Writing

Is your product suspended for Amazon? We help you getting back to business and help you address concerns raised by Amazon. We help you in,

– Identifying the reasons for Suspension: The reason for suspension would be communicated by Amazon. It may not be clear on what account you have violated the policies. It may be poor performance, policy violation or displaying restricted items. We, with our years of experience in handling such issues, help you in identifying the correct reason and what action has to be taken.

– Appeal the suspension: We help you in writing your appeal to the Amazon’s seller central. We write your recovery plan, the steps that would be taken by you to prevent similar issues happening in future, products’ values and the market share.

– Follow up: We help you in the follow up with Amazon and help you as fast as we can to get you back into the business.